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Aegis Incoporated

Phone: 410-312-9760   Fax: 410-630-5569


Aegis provides experienced and knowledgeable professionals to help you fulfill the most demanding technical requirements. Aegis personnel have worked on collection, processing, and analysis of SIGINT. Aegis personnel are also highly experienced with network and system administration of both UNIX, LINUX, and NT systems.

Please email for our company brochure and capabilities briefing.

Engineering Design

Our engineers have designed systems to collect, process, and analyze a variety of signals and data. These products utilize embedded processors and programmable gate-arrays to handle even the most demanding of signals.


Aegis personnel have in-depth experience with traditional and contemporary programming languages [Java, C, C++] as well as scripting languages for multiple Operating Systems [Perl, Tcl/Tk, C-shell].

We have written graphical user interfaces (GUI) to control equipment and processing solutions. We have designed device drivers for Linux, Windows, and Solaris as well as custom libraries for PC-based products.

Contract Vehicles

Access to our services can be obtained through many mechanisms. Aegis, Inc. is available through the GSA schedule well as through a sub-contractor relationship with General Dynamics, SAIC, BAH, DCCA, and Essex. We are on NSETS, the CES CPC, Groundbreaker, and other similar alliance contracts.